... a place in your mind

The story unfolds elgantly as we turn the clock back and watch Sally playing alone, with only her imagination to help her. Two guides, Innocence and Destiny, follow her through the maze of life's events. As her childhood is short-circuited by the realities of a cruel world, Sally begins her search for the forgotten answers of youth. An intolerable Husband occupies the first years of adulthood, until the Neons (a group of party-girls) and the Hot Rods (their party-guy counterparts) show Sally alternatives to what has become a disinterested and joyless life. They can only get her so far, however, as she is overcome with exhaustion and returns to her fruitless search for answers. Can Innocence and Destiny help Sally remember the cornerstones of youth? As the story unfolds we are all reminded that Sally is not alone in her struggle and we are all on this journey.

Director Wesley J. Turner puts his unmistakable mark on the work by blending narrative and live action to take us on this formidable journey. Producer/Composer/Performer Carlos Severe Marcelin provides a richly orchestrated soundscape as Sally Tomato’s powerful and intimate delivery makes the tale about the defining moments in her life all the more revealing.

"Toy Room" is making its way around the globe, screening at film festivals throughout 2009, and being released early next year. The soundtrack is available now through Burnside Distribution Company or online at various outlets.

The creators and cast include Sally Tomato (Writer/Lyrics/Music), Carlos Severe Marcelin (Writer/Music), Eric Flint (Developer/Drums), Wesley J. Turner (Director, Multimedia Producer/Development), Cynthia R. Chimienti (Choreography/Stage Director/Development/Destiny), Stephen Phyllop Clarke (Development), Barry D. Kaine (Development), and Jonas Nash (Set Design). The cast includes Trisha Beck (Innocence), Drew Norman (Husband) and other talent from Portland, Oregon.

“Even though we are born the same, over time we are not. We are cut and scarred and made into human art.” Sally Tomato image